About us

Hello! My name is Sherryl Mascarinas. I am the founder of Lizzie, Izzie + James, a web based accessories store for kids who love vibrant colors and parents who appreciate the quality of hand crafted products. We are based in New Canaan, CT.

The seeds for LI+J were planted when I was still in college and working for Oilily children’s wear. I was (and still am) a big fan of Oilily's products – I love the energetic colors, the fun and confident use of bold patterns, and the consistently high standard of quality. These attributes make the clothes and the confident kids who wear them stand out in a crowd. The idea of one day creating my own line of distinctive children’s products has been an aspiration since.

The catalyst to get started came in 2006, when my first daughter was a little over a year old. She was cute as a button, but was bald on the top of her head (sort of like George Costanza in Seinfeld). It was pretty bad; people often mistook her for a boy! She refused to wear hats, so I settled for putting hair clips in the little bit of hair she had. When I couldn’t find hair clips that I thought looked good, were well made, and that I thought were secure enough to stay on, I started making my own.

Making little hair clips and headbands for my daughters became a small hobby, and over time, the little hobby grew into a small business. I began making accessories for family, then for friends, then for friends of friends, then for moms who saw kids wearing my products around town. Eventually, I started selling to customers around the country and to a few boutiques in southern Connecticut, California, Texas, and one down under in Sydney, Australia.

Thanks for visiting Lizzie, Izzie + James!