"A Cut Above The Rest"

We got a nice write up on the Stamford Advocate today and "A Cut Above The Rest" is the great header they gave us on the front page! The article itself is in the business section, top center above one of my favorite chefs Mario Batali :)

My favorite quote, referring to our hair clips: "...They Really Sold Well. They're beautifully crafted. We haven't seen anything like it."

You can read the article on the advocate website here.

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Warm Smiles from Dallas, Texas

Caroline Nelson of Little Cupcakes Company, our favorite boutique in Dallas, sent us this awesome picture today. These cute girls are wearing our Daisy headband (on the left) and one of our Waveny Blossom headbands (on the right). So cute!

We love fan pics, so please send them our way! You can see more on our Facebook page.

Fan Picture

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Warm Smiles from California, Times 3!

Three of my favorite pictures of three of my favorite customers. Triplets wearing three of my earliest headband designs, courtesy of a very lucky mom in sunny California. I love these pictures...

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Happy New Year

Happy New Year! We're looking forward to a very busy and hopefully very productive year. We'll be working on building brand awareness, expanding our product offerings, and most importantly, making sure our customer service is top notch. For me, making a customer really, genuinely, super happy is one of the most gratifying parts of this business.

Along those lines, here's an order we recently shipped out that made one very happy customer. The customer ordered these kids crowns for an upcoming birthday party - these will be the take home goodie bags. They are among the nicest goodie bags I've seen ever - but I guess I'm probably a bit partial :).



























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