We Heart This - March 11, 2011

"Lizzie, Izzie and James – Adorable accessories for your little one"

"...The site is like a little girl’s hairdo dream! From cupcakes to strawberries, monograms to bows, animals to rainbows – it’s sweetness overload. Can you imagine the fun your little one would have picking out her accessory? “Honey, do you want the panda bear or the ice cream cone today?”

"...Add to that fabulous customer service (next business day shipping, $3 flat rate shipping, and a 60-day, any product, any reason, no quibble refund policy) Lizzie, Izzie and James isn’t just a kid’s dream, but a Mom’s too!"

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Nice Compliments

As we work to build brand recognition for Lizzie, Izzie + James, we've had a chance to learn about and meet some talented and dedicated bloggers. Some of them have pretty large followings. Most are just doing what they enjoy doing the most. Many of them (at least the ones we've met, for sure) are really, really nice.

Anyways... we got some compliments from a few bloggers over the past two months and we gathered them together here because... well, because we love compliments!


March 7, 2011 - Blowout Party


"Lizzie, Izzie + James has gorgeous, artisan quality hair accessories- meticulously handmade... LOVE! They have sooo many beautiful headbands to choose from!"




March 7, 2011 - Bouffe e Bambini






February 28, 2011 - The Fashionable Housewife


"... a huge selection of adorable girl’s hair clips and super cute headbands for your little princess"



February 23, 2011 - The Bragging Mommy


"... definitely want to check out all they have to offer for your kids!"



February 22, 2011 - HeartMade


"Vibrant colored headbands + hair clips + crowns parade the shop + make me wanna be a little again"





February 20, 2011 - The Portrait Parties


"...the most beautiful felt hair clips, headbands, and accessories", "...fall in love with her products as much as we have!!!!"




January 31, 2011 - Paint Me A Picture


".. super cute"




January 23, 2011 - Growing Your Baby


"You’ll be sure to find something that your little one will love"




January 21, 2011 - LoveLuci


"...the most adorable accessories for your little ones"




January 18, 2011 - MilkyMilk

' "... ridiculously fabulous hair accessories for kids"



January 10, 2011 - One Bored Mommy

' "...the most adorable headband accessories I've seen", "'re going to ABSOLUTELY love all the products"

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The Bragging Mommy

Did you know that we're "brag worthy"? Don't worry, we won't let it go to our heads ;-), Feb 23, 2011:

"Lizzie, Izzie + James has such adorable hair clips and headbands. It is actually really making me wish I had a little girl! ....You will definitely want to check out all they have to offer for your kids!"

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Babble's Top 50 "Mompreneurs"

"They cook, they clean and, between naptimes, they run kickass companies. For those who run their own mom-centric firms, the responsibilities of motherhood are only half the battle...."

Babble, an online parenting magazine that has a readership of 5 million unique visitors per month (i.e., they're huge), recently released their Top 50 "mompreneurs" list. The list includes mommy entrepreneurs that have accomplished some pretty cool things. For example, # 1 is Julie Aigner-Clark, who with some ingenuity and $15,000 of her own money, invented the Baby Einstein video series. She and her husband filmed the first one in their basement. By their 5th year, they were making $20 million in sales. Nice!

We hope to be on that list in the future, but for now we're really happy to be counted among the reader nominated favorites. There's some pretty cool businesses on that list too, and the voting is still open so who knows where we'll end up. But as of today we are # 5 out of 121 nominees. We'll take that!

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"A Cut Above The Rest"

We got a nice write up on the Stamford Advocate today and "A Cut Above The Rest" is the great header they gave us on the front page! The article itself is in the business section, top center above one of my favorite chefs Mario Batali :)

My favorite quote, referring to our hair clips: "...They Really Sold Well. They're beautifully crafted. We haven't seen anything like it."

You can read the article on the advocate website here.

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Featured on GrowingYourBaby.Com

We're currently featured on the home page of, an online parenting site that has a readership of 65,000 per month! Visit for a chance to win a $35 gift certificate!

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