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Free Rice While You Play

How would you like a fun, educational and intellectually challenging activity for you and your kids? It's free and easily accessible on the web.

… interested?

Oh, and by the way – a donation of rice is made to the World Food Programme each time you get a right answer. You can have fun and help make a dent on world hunger too. Pretty cool right? It’s called

Its easy to use and you don’t have to register or anything - just come to the page and play straightaway.

In its default setting you’ll be playing a vocabulary game. 10 grains of rice is donated for each correct answer.

Questions get harder as you progress to higher levels …

… and you accumulate more and more rice as you go on. You can continue until you finish all 60 levels of a subject, then you can choose another challenge. There’s geography, art, math, and several foreign languages.

How does playing a game lead to money to buy rice to donate to the World Food Programme? Good question, simple answer - it’s paid for by advertisers. While you play, a small and unobtrusive banner shows ads below the game window. Its brilliant.

Since Freerice began began operating in 2007, players have donated 86 billion grains of rice to the World Food Programme, enough to feed over 4.3 million people. Here are a few stats from the Freerice web page:

- In Myanmar Freerice helped feed people whose lives were affected by cyclone Nargis, and in the immediate aftermath to feed 750,000 cyclone affected people.

- In Bangladesh they helped 27,000 refugees from Myanmar sheltering at Cox’s Bazaar in Bangladesh.

- In Nepal they helped feed 108,000 Bhutanese refugees.

- In Cambodia they helped feed 13,500 women for almost 2 months as part of the WFP Mother and Child Health programme

- In Uganda they fed 66,000 school children.

- From January 2011, all rice raised through Freerice will be going to help the people of Haiti.

Pretty cool, right?

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Snowed In

We wish we were here right now...

... instead of where we actually are... would be great if we were doing this...

...but we're sorta busy doing this...

... that's ok, for tonight we're settling for this...

Warm greetings from the Northeast!

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Featured on GrowingYourBaby.Com

We're currently featured on the home page of, an online parenting site that has a readership of 65,000 per month! Visit for a chance to win a $35 gift certificate!

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Finding Talent

Launching Lizzie, Izzie + James has been a fun and challenging process. We had a lot to learn and a lot more to go (a ton, really). Throughout the process, one the most challenging parts has been finding genuinely talented people. It has also been one of the most gratifying. It’s a treat to get to work with someone who is very good at what he or she does and is also passionate about it. That's the magic combination we look for - and so, when we needed help with artwork for our product packaging, we were really happy to find Mayi Carles of Heartmade blog.

Mayi is a self-professed “multi-passionate artist + eco-designer + crafter + creative coach + blogger + cupcake addict”. She seems to constantly burst with creative energy. You can hear it in her speech, read it in her blog posts, and even sense it in her emails. She is positively crazy about what she does. She studied in Italy and the US, and is based in Panama City, Panama. We hope to get to work with more people like Mayi as we move forward.

Visit Mayi at to see what we’re talking about.


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Charity: Water

Every so often we want to use this space to highlight compelling causes and the non-profit organizations working to make a difference. This first non-profit is making a dent on the problem that close to one billion people on the planet don’t have access to clean drinking water. Its called Charity: Water.

Did you know that unsafe water is the source of most diseases and kills more people every year than all forms of violence, including war?

… and that the burden of hauling water from miles away from home usually fall on women and children? … and that the trek leaves them vulnerable to violence and injury… and that all the time spent hiking and hauling the water isn’t spent on education and more productive activities that alleviate poverty and build stronger and more stable societies?

Just $20 gives one person access to clean water. $5,000 can serve a community of 250. Charity: Water has already funded over 3,800 water projects, which is estimated to serve 1.7 million people. There is a lot more to go. Visit their website at: to learn how to help.

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Snow Day Friday

Its a heavy snow day here in New Canaan, CT - the schools closed early, the roads are yet to be plowed, its cold, dark, and generally a perfect day for laying back and taking it easy.

I'll relax in just a little bit. First, I'm trying to finish up the design of our Valentine's day headbands and hair clips. Here's an early cut at the headband.

Skylar approves, so it may be a keeper.... stay tuned and if you're in the Northeast, stay warm!

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Happy New Year

Happy New Year! We're looking forward to a very busy and hopefully very productive year. We'll be working on building brand awareness, expanding our product offerings, and most importantly, making sure our customer service is top notch. For me, making a customer really, genuinely, super happy is one of the most gratifying parts of this business.

Along those lines, here's an order we recently shipped out that made one very happy customer. The customer ordered these kids crowns for an upcoming birthday party - these will be the take home goodie bags. They are among the nicest goodie bags I've seen ever - but I guess I'm probably a bit partial :).



























Welcome to lizzie, izzie + james!

Hello! My name is Sherryl Mascarinas. I am the founder of Lizzie, Izzie + James. LI+J is an accessories brand for kids who love vibrant colors and parents who appreciate the quality of hand crafted products. We are based in New Canaan, CT.

The seeds for LI+J were planted when I was still in college and working for Oilily children’s wear. I was (and still am) a big fan of Oilily's products – I love the energetic colors, the fun and confident use of bold patterns, and the consistently high standard of quality. These attributes make the clothes and the confident kids who wear them stand out in a crowd. The idea of one day creating my own line of distinctive children’s products has been in the back of my mind since.

The catalyst to get started came when my first daughter was a little over a year old. She was cute as a button, but was bald on the top of her head (sort of like George Costanza in Seinfeld). It was pretty bad; people often mistook her for a boy! Since she refused to wear hats, I settled for putting clips in the little bit of hair she had. When I couldn’t find clips that I thought looked good and that was secure enough to stay on, I started making my own. That was the beginning.

Over time, my little hobby grew into a small business. I began making accessories for family, then for friends, then for friends of friends, then for moms who saw kids wearing my products around town. Eventually, I started selling to customers around the country and to a few boutiques in southern Connecticut, California, Texas, and one as far as Sydney, Australia.

Thank you for visiting Lizzie, Izzie + James!

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