We Heart This - March 11, 2011

"Lizzie, Izzie and James – Adorable accessories for your little one"

"...The site is like a little girl’s hairdo dream! From cupcakes to strawberries, monograms to bows, animals to rainbows – it’s sweetness overload. Can you imagine the fun your little one would have picking out her accessory? “Honey, do you want the panda bear or the ice cream cone today?”

"...Add to that fabulous customer service (next business day shipping, $3 flat rate shipping, and a 60-day, any product, any reason, no quibble refund policy) Lizzie, Izzie and James isn’t just a kid’s dream, but a Mom’s too!"

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Why Lizzie, Izzie + James?

We think one of the things we need to do a better job on is in answering the question: "why should I shop with Lizzie, Izzie + James"? "What do you guys offer?"

Of course, shoppers don't usually ask the question out loud. But it's a question we all ask when looking at a new brand. How well and how clearly it's answered usually determines whether we become customers or not. So.... we're working on making our answer more visible and clearer right on our home page - we'll be publishing some changes soon.

So, to summarize "Why us?":

-- Irresistibly Cute

We offer irresistibly cute stuff - a lot of them. Like happy, carefree, playful kids, our products are cute. They've been kid tested and mom approved abot a gajillion times (may be overstated a bit here) so we know this for sure. We make cute stuff!

-- Awesome Quality

We care a lot about how our products are made. You can tell the difference when you pick up one of our pieces. The attention to detail, the hand stitching, the great materials... they're not being made in the millions. They're hand made in small batches.

-- Incredible Service

We want you to be thrilled with your experience with us, so we make shopping easy. We offer a low $3 flat rate for shipping (or free if over $50), next day turnaround, and a 60 day any item, any reason, no quibble return policy. Ooh, and we offer really responsive customer service too. Nice, right?

Our "Why Us?" page will be up soon. In the meanwhile, here's a snapshot of the service section:

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Nice Compliments

As we work to build brand recognition for Lizzie, Izzie + James, we've had a chance to learn about and meet some talented and dedicated bloggers. Some of them have pretty large followings. Most are just doing what they enjoy doing the most. Many of them (at least the ones we've met, for sure) are really, really nice.

Anyways... we got some compliments from a few bloggers over the past two months and we gathered them together here because... well, because we love compliments!


March 7, 2011 - Blowout Party


"Lizzie, Izzie + James has gorgeous, artisan quality hair accessories- meticulously handmade... LOVE! They have sooo many beautiful headbands to choose from!"




March 7, 2011 - Bouffe e Bambini






February 28, 2011 - The Fashionable Housewife


"... a huge selection of adorable girl’s hair clips and super cute headbands for your little princess"



February 23, 2011 - The Bragging Mommy


"... definitely want to check out all they have to offer for your kids!"



February 22, 2011 - HeartMade


"Vibrant colored headbands + hair clips + crowns parade the shop + make me wanna be a little again"





February 20, 2011 - The Portrait Parties


"...the most beautiful felt hair clips, headbands, and accessories", "...fall in love with her products as much as we have!!!!"




January 31, 2011 - Paint Me A Picture


".. super cute"




January 23, 2011 - Growing Your Baby


"You’ll be sure to find something that your little one will love"




January 21, 2011 - LoveLuci


"...the most adorable accessories for your little ones"




January 18, 2011 - MilkyMilk

' "... ridiculously fabulous hair accessories for kids"



January 10, 2011 - One Bored Mommy

' "...the most adorable headband accessories I've seen", "'re going to ABSOLUTELY love all the products"

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Walk On The Wild Side

We've had a very busy, very productive week gearing up for a number of upcoming trunk shows and fund raising events. We're looking forward to spring as we work to get the word out about Lizzie, Izzie + James! We'll send out a note out to you guys who live around the area to come say hello. We'd love to meet you!

Ok, now for a non sequitur - a friend of ours sent us these videos from BBC One and we thought they were hilarious. So of course, we have to share them. Have a great weekend!


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The Bragging Mommy

Did you know that we're "brag worthy"? Don't worry, we won't let it go to our heads ;-), Feb 23, 2011:

"Lizzie, Izzie + James has such adorable hair clips and headbands. It is actually really making me wish I had a little girl! ....You will definitely want to check out all they have to offer for your kids!"

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Babble's Top 50 "Mompreneurs"

"They cook, they clean and, between naptimes, they run kickass companies. For those who run their own mom-centric firms, the responsibilities of motherhood are only half the battle...."

Babble, an online parenting magazine that has a readership of 5 million unique visitors per month (i.e., they're huge), recently released their Top 50 "mompreneurs" list. The list includes mommy entrepreneurs that have accomplished some pretty cool things. For example, # 1 is Julie Aigner-Clark, who with some ingenuity and $15,000 of her own money, invented the Baby Einstein video series. She and her husband filmed the first one in their basement. By their 5th year, they were making $20 million in sales. Nice!

We hope to be on that list in the future, but for now we're really happy to be counted among the reader nominated favorites. There's some pretty cool businesses on that list too, and the voting is still open so who knows where we'll end up. But as of today we are # 5 out of 121 nominees. We'll take that!

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Finding Talent (New Artwork: Update)

Last month we wrote about Mayi Carles of Heartmade Blog, a talented artist we recruited to help us with some illustrations for part of our packaging. Well, she turned in her work and we are very happy. Here's a sneak peek. You'll soon find these super cute and definitely keepable pieces of art in our packages.

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DIY Project: Make Your Own Artwork

Sometimes the best artwork are the ones that are free (or almost free). Even better are the ones that you make yourself. This project is simple, fast, doable, and very, very inexpensive. The total cost of this project was under $5.

Materials needed:

- artist canvas (I used a 19x25 but any size will do)*
- red felt
- gray felt
- scalloped scissors
- sharp cutting scissors
- clear tacky glue (or any clear glue)
- needle
- embroidery floss
- drinking glass

1. The first thing that you need to do is to decide how many flowers you want to put on the canvas. I decided to do five. Using the mouth of a plain drinking glass, trace circles on your red felt. These will be your larger circles.

2. Trace and cut your smaller circles on the red felt with the bottom part of the glass.

3. If you want scalloped edges on your flower, trim the outermost edges of the larger circles with your scalloped scissors. If you don't have (or can't find) scalloped scissors, don't sweat it. Leaving the larger circles as they are will look just fine. Pinky swear.

4. Do a simple "x" stitch in the middle of the smaller circle with the black embroidery floss. Pull it just a tad tighter when you do the knot to achieve the crinkle effect in the middle. This will give your flower a slight 3 dimensional look.

5. Put together your red flower pieces using the tacky glue. Set your flowers aside.

6. Cut out your stems from the gray felt using your sharp scissors. I cut out long strips 1/4 inch wide. One for each flower. Don't worry - they don't need to be pin straight and perfect (they are stems, after all!).

7. Lay out your pieces on the canvas before you start glueing. This will give you the chance to move the pieces around. Glue your stems first and the flowers last. The easiest way to glue the stems is by running the glue on the side of the stem facing up and then flipping them down (this way, you don't lose it's perfect "spot").

Ta-da! Instant artwork! Get creative - change the colors and the shapes of the flowers. If you are feeling adventurous, you can even paint your canvas first using acrylic paint. The sky's the limit!

* You can buy this cheap at Michael's or any craft store. Michael's sold them 2 for $9.99 and I got them when they were 40% off.

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The World Really is Flat

In the month and a half since our launch we've had visitors from 887 U.S. cities. As far as web based businesses go, that's not really all that remarkable. But still, I think its pretty cool.

The global picture is even cooler (1,008 cities across 48 countries). We had a vistor from Gaborone, Botswana, one from Budapest, and another from Auckland, New Zealand. Amazing.

Speaking of cool things, here's a video a friend of mine uses in presentations on his business. He founded a firm that sells social media services to businesses and non-profit organizations. I think you'll find it pretty interesting... well, at least, I did.

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And the Early Favorites Are...

Its been a month and half since Lizzie, Izzie + James went live and I've been watching with a bit of pride (like a baker, or dress maker, or anyone else who takes pride in things they make) to see which of my designs are selling best. I think they're all great, but of course I'm biased. But biased or not, this much I can say: I design all of our products with the standard that I should be proud to wear them myself, proud to let my kids wear them, and proud to give them as gifts to our friends and family. Simple, right? That's been a guiding principle from the start. We want every customer to feel that commitment every time they buy our products.

Ok, on to the fan favorites for our first 45 days. Here's the top 5:

# 5 - Rosa Violeta headband from our Rosas Espanolas line:

# 4 - Pinkberry headband from our Mead Park Bouquet line:

# 3 - Bluebells headband from our Mead Park Bouquet line:

# 2 - Pink Flamingo headband from our Waveny Blossoms line:

and the undisputed crowd favorite of our first 45 days is .....

# 1 - Vintage Blue headband from our Waveny Blossoms line!

Interestingly, headbands took all the top slots, beating out our hair clips. Among our hair clips, the early favorite was our Fuschia Hydrangeas design from our South Ave Hydrangeas line:

and among our crowns, we saw a lot of demand for our Princess of Hearts

I'd be proud to wear any of these!... well, maybe except the crown... I might elicit some strange looks on the street...

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